Members Access

Membership type:

Charter Membership

  • Patron status membership for large corporations resident in Canada and Armenia for up to three nominees.
  • Charter members are given priority to join the Board of the Chamber (by invitation of the Nominations Committee and existing members of the Board), which is the most important decision-making body in the ACCC.

Group Membership

  • Standard membership for large corporations resident in Canada for up to fwo nominees.

Corporate Membership

  • Standard membership for smaller corporations in Canada for one nominee.

Overseas Membership

  • Membership for companies resident overseas, for one nominee.

Non - Government (NGO) and Non-For-Profit organizations

  • Membership for one nominee.


  • Membership for professionals not representing a company.

Personal (retired persons or full-time students only)

  • Membership for retired or full time students only, not representing a company.

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New Members:


ACCC has recognized 2 new Armenian companies as Members.


"Construction Management Company" CJSC


and "Hydrocorporation" CJSC.




Caldera Resources Inc. is a Montreal based resource exploration company focused on low cost mining opportunities in Southeast Europe and the Caucuses. Our goal is to develop projects that can becommercialized in a very short time horizon compared to traditional mining projects.



How does membership with the Armenia-Canada Chamber of Commerce help members compete?

A membership with the ACCC gives:


- Credibility

The ACCC serves as the credible business association in Canada and Armenia. Through consultation and research, in collaboration with its members, the ACCC speaks for thousands of Canadian and Armenian business people. Because of who it represents, it is seen as the authoritative voice on all business matters.


- Advocacy

The ACCC interprets federal issues and communicates members’ views to policymakers in Ottawa and Yerevan. Our expert policy staff work directly with our members on issues that matter most to Canadian and Armenian business; this means that members are steering the debate.


- Information

For members, the ACCC provides up-to-date information on policy and legislative changes that affect business. Members receive informed analysis by ACCC’s economists and policy experts. The Chamber’s "intelligence network" – the best in the business – gives members an early warning system of upcoming federal developments.

This information is available on-line only for Members and it is free of charge.


- Influence

Representing different businesses of all sizes, in all sectors, in all regions, the ACCC’s membership network forms the basis for its authoritative voice. Given its size, constituencies, history, and track record, becoming an ACCC member is a sound business investment. Members can count on the ACCC’s network of qualified staff, corporate volunteers, and Board of Directors to act as credible voices on issues that matter most to Canadian business.



Special offers

Affiliate program. Any individual (member or not member of the ACCC) could benefit from our affiliate program.

By reffering any new Member of the ACCC you will get 10% off Membership fees and/or investments.


Members will also benefit from our discount agreements with major hotels, travel agencies, and etc. (Please contact our office for more information)